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I am fortunate enough to have a job where I get paid to travel, and it is my sincere desire to bore you with the details. Although I may occasionally rant about something or another, I am quite aware of the true value (or lack thereof) of my opinions, so I will generally keep them to myself. The only reason that I publish this rag is to disseminate pictures and stories from my travels in a (relatively) family-friendly way.

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Wasted Day

Well that’s a drag. I waited and waited, and finally my co-travelers were ready to go out at about 2:30. We jumped on a tram and rode it across the river into town - and found out that we took the wrong tram. Lots of walking in a cold drizzle.
This is a seriously grungy place
Not sure if a bomb hit here, but it sure looks like it
Anyway, they wanted to stop to eat, so by the time we got to the old part of town it was getting dark
So I didn’t really see anything.

You really have to be wary here. There are a lot of people who hate USA, and blame us for all of their problems. Most people are really nice, but there are enough angry ones to make it kind of creepy.

I think I’ll get up early tomorrow and go see some stuff. I hate wasting my day waiting for people who stayed up partying the night before. One day, maybe I will travel with people who like to walk around and see stuff.