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I am fortunate enough to have a job where I get paid to travel, and it is my sincere desire to bore you with the details. Although I may occasionally rant about something or another, I am quite aware of the true value (or lack thereof) of my opinions, so I will generally keep them to myself. The only reason that I publish this rag is to disseminate pictures and stories from my travels in a (relatively) family-friendly way.

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Hangin' wit da Homies in Hyderabad

Man, I love India.

Maybe it’s the nice people, or the horrendous filth and air pollution, or the ridiculous traffic (and complete lack of traffic laws or police), or the fact that you can pee anywhere you want to (if you are a man). Maybe it’s those ever-present skinny little friendly dogs, or the amazing colors that the women wear, or the flowers, or the talkative flocks of
parrots and mynas, or the oppressive heat (which I live for), or the incredible chaotic mass of people who always seem to be going somewhere, or families of 5 cruising around on tiny scooters with babies hanging off the back, or the ornately decorated trucks, or the holy cobra nests, or the little temples that seem to pop up in the weirdest places
Or maybe it’s the food. Trust me on this one; if you have never been to India, you have never tasted Indian food. Oh yeah, the best watermelon in the world - for about 30 cents each
I just love it...

The tuk-tuks will take you anywhere you want to go for a buck or 2. It’s an adventure and you might die doing it, but it sure is fun. My co-travelers were nowhere to be found today, so I went for a little walk, and a brief tuk-tuk ride - but I only took a couple of pictures
This is the view from our luxury hotel, overlooking Hussein Sagar
The hotel is nice enough, and they have an executive lounge and free booze and nice food (Indian food for breakfast is da bomb!). But damn, I quickly get bored being around rich white Americans. I very much prefer to hang with the locals in their poverty and filth and eat street food.

Hyderabad has the largest per capita Muslim population in India (almost 50%), so we get to hear the calls to prayer from the minarets. Mostly everyone gets along, but there’s a few kooks out there who want to cause trouble, so security is pretty high here.

I’m not waiting very long tomorrow to see if my co-travelers want to go out. If I don’t hear from them by 10 or so, I’m grabbing a tuk-tuk and heading out to the
Old City and/or Golkonda. I know there’s safety in numbers and all that, but I’m not sitting in this hotel room for another day. Before I left DC, I told the Delightful Miss Janet that I would probably be a loner here on the weekends due to different interests, and it looks like that is the case. Insha’Allah, Ganesha will be looking after me. He’s covered my ass so far in this life.

I found a
Prometric testing center a couple of miles away, so I thought it would be cool to take a MCTS certification test in India. I’m scheduled to take it next Saturday morning, so I have been studying quite a bit in the evenings.

The time difference is perfect for watching Caps games online. I have to get up a little early, but the game is over before I need to go to work.
Tuesday is a local holiday (happy new year!), and that breaks up the work week rather nicely. Should be fun.

It’s about supper time, so I reckon I’ll head out and find me some street food to nosh on. If it doesn’t kill me, it will make me stronger (I hope).